• Treated by the ocean harvested by hand

    Our hops - truly Nordic

  • Beer Imperial

    „Manufaktur“ means - truly hand made

  • Careful production

    with much attention to detail

  • Bottled by hand treated like a „champagne“

    Each bottle is unique

  • The presence of the ocean...

    ...you can feel in every bottle

  • Our Sylter Hops

    Nordic trough and trough

  • Dress rehearsal!

    Tradition combined with modern knowledge

  • Enjoy nature

    A pure ocean breeze for our beer

  • Secretive

    The knowledge of our art of brewing!

  • Specialty brewery since 1990

    With a brewing process of the highest level

  • A bubbly feeling

    Every sip is an experience

  • Constant surveillance

    ...we guarantee you best quality

  • With a brewing process of the highest level

    …nothing is left to chance

  • Tradition allows no compromise

    ...much is made „the old way“

  • No road to long

    Best taste is our aim

  • Not only for sailors

    A Perl from “overseas”

  • Totally devoted

    Our brew master

Our Products

Sylter Hopfen