Our Philosophy

The need for high efficiency and the ongoing efforts to reach the masses, result in the production of food and beverages that are more and more reasons that these products transform into pure industrial products. Here marketing and artificial additives determine cost and production.

In our factory in Flensburg we have made the production of selected specialties our purpose. This is done under the premise that products and manufacturing are using the most natural raw materials available to ensure the utmost purity. We provide our raw materials - whenever possible - ourselves or source them directly from producers we trust. This is not only our philosophy, but is very important to us to provide our customers with unusual and rare pleasures.

We combine tradition with modern knowledge and have developed methods, which are not possible in mass production. As a brewer I am able to access an extensive portfolio and develop some unusual specialties and products.

True to our motto - think different - act confident!

The West India Company is proud of the high quality of our products, with our excellent reputation, tradition and our expertise.

 Thomas W. Kipka

A pure ocean breeze for our beer...