Sylter Hopfen

Sylter Hopfen Strong Beer

Since 2007, we have grown hops on the island of Sylt. In 2008 we brewed our gourmet beer Sylter Hopfen the first time with our home grown hops. Since that time, the Sylter Hopfen Beer has conquered the palates of connoisseurs in Europe and overseas.

We produce only as much Sylter Hopfen in one year, as our harvest on Sylt permits in one year. Thus our gourmet beer is a specialty and not a mass-produced beverage.

It is for this reason that each bottle is unique!

“Manufaktur” means “handmade” - this is a claim that we take literally at Sylter Hopfen. In our factory our gourmet beer is fermented for a second time and this fermentation takes place inside our “Imperial" bottle with specially bred champagne yeast.

After a maturation period that takes several weeks, the bottles are shaken down by hand, so that the yeast can settle in the bottle neck after the completion of the fermentation. Here it remains for several more weeks to give the Sylter Hopfen its special taste. The subsequent disgorging process (expelling the yeast) improves the Sylter Hopfen and after the cork has been put into the bottle a real “Imperial beer” is born.

Diplom Master Brewer Thomas W. Kipka, learned this very high standards in beer making when he was brewing for the Royal Houses of Denmark and Norway. From this arose the opinion that beer can be made ​​more naturally without preservatives or other chemicals as it is practiced in today’s large brewing companies.
Thus, the idea to create a gourmet beer matured - using a process that is no longer possible to be used in today’s mass production. Sylter Hopfen is produced with our own special and natural ingredients, at a slow pace and with special care that is only possible in a small “Manufaktur” brewery. Thus arose Sylter Hopfen in its own bottle, with its noble character, individually numbered label and the real gold embossing on the label.

A beer for gourmets, connoisseurs and individualists.