Sylter Hopfen

Two Yeasts

In the creation of the Sylter Hopfen not only one yeast is responsible. There are two varieties that are making their fermentation process in succession. The first fermentation begins with the first fermenting yeast, the second and main fermentation takes place through our special Champagne yeast, bred in our laboratory exclusively for the Sylter Hopfen beer.

This special second yeast remains in each bottle for several weeks for fermentation, to create the tingling fine pearling bubbles and the high pressure. This allows the cork to eject from the bottle - with the famous “pop”.

The Sylter Hopfen beer owes its unique balance in character and in its fine taste, to this particular yeast. After long and costly experiments with a variety of yeasts we have sorted out our special culture and breed this special yeast now in our laboratory for each bottle of Sylter Hopfen.